Color Charts

Selecting the right color is one of the most important steps in any decorative concrete project. Our wide range of color selection guides and color charts are available online or we are  happy to mail copies to any address nationwide. Whether you are seasoned professional, a designer or architect or a DIY homeowner, let the friendly and knowledgeable staff at ChemSystems help you pick the right color for your next project. Click on a link below to access the color chart for a desired product.

Integral Concrete Color Chart:



Standard Concrete Color Charts
Color Hardeners, Releases, Overlays, & Tints:

Mortar Color

Helix Acid Stain:

Concrete Dyes

ReStore Concrete Stain

Microtopping NT / HD

Stampable Overlay

Stone Images Carvable Limestone


Surface Etch

Sealers and Coatings

Archived Color Charts

Note – viewing color charts on a computer screen can distort colors. We strongly recommend making final color choices from a physical color chart or physical sample. We also encourage mock-ups or samples.