Start Your Project Off Right

So you want to give decorative concrete a try! We applaud you! It is not as
daunting as you think, and we are here to help. We have products that are DIY
friendly, with a staff that can help you at all steps along the way.
If you want to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, but want to see what all
the excitement is about, we have you covered. Stop by our ffice and have
one of our expert staff show you samples of all the popular decorative concrete
colors and finishes.

Where to Start

  • Have a look at our web site and view some of our on-line videos as a place to start
  • Tap into our experts regarding materials or processes for your project
  • Attend one of our workshops or trainings to get a feel for how various products are applied

Decorative Concrete continuous to grow, with tremendous career opportunities. Grow with us. Just like the visionaries who first stamped concrete or created functional concrete art with stains a few decades ago, new ideas are required to maintain that growth.

Have a Question?

  • Dave Hickman

    Director of Training and Technical Services

Contact Dave Hickman for help on your next project:

[email protected] | 469.337.3337

Whatever journey awaits you in decorative concrete, we want to be there to enjoy it with you every step of the way.

Let the team at ChemSystems help guide you through the options and opportunities decorative concrete can provide on your next project. Contact us for help on your next project.

Share your experience at a training event with us using the hashtag #chemsystems.

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