Cleaners, Strippers, Surface Etch and Grit Additive

ChemSystems offers a complete line of accessory products for preparing, enhancing  or cleaning any concrete project.  These products include concrete cleaners, degreasers, strippers, grit additives and surface retarders.

Surface Etch – Exposed Aggregate Surface Retarder

CSI Surface Etch is applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete that slows the hardening of the cement to produce a uniform exposed aggregate surface.  CSI Surface Etch is available in six different levels of aggregate exposure.

White Out

Helix White is a blend of specialty solvents with a variety of uses.  It allows moisture to release from sealed concrete, Dissolves bubbles in film by re-emulsifying sealer, allows clean up of tools and can be used as a thinner for sealers.

Stain Pretreatment and Concrete Cleaner

Helix Stain Pretreatment and Concrete Cleaner is a detergent modified weak
mineral acid concentrate used to clean mineral deposits from concrete, as
well as prepare concrete substrates for staining with Helix Acid Stain* and
Helix Concrete Dye*.

Sealer Stripper

Helix Sealer Stripper removes sealer, paint, and any type of coating from concrete
surfaces without harming the substrate. CSI Sealer Stripper works on acrylic,
varnish, latex, lacquer, urethane, epoxy and most any type of coating.


CSI Polygrit is a polymeric grit additive for sealers and coatings. It increases the slip resistance of sealers without changing the color of the coating.  It is dosed at 8 oz. to 10 oz. per gallon.

Neutralizer Degreaser

Helix Neutralizer/Degreaser is used  for neutralizing acid stain floors prior to sealing, and to remove oil, grease or other types of soils from colored, imprinted and natural concrete surfaces.