Cures and Cure and Seals

ChemSystems manufacturers a wide range of clear and colored curing compounds and cure and seal products for use on decorative and traditional gray concrete.  Available in water based and solvent based formulations.  They all meet or exceed ASTM C309 and or ASTM C1315.

Cure and Seal 25 SB (Solvent-Based)

The Helix Cure and Seal SB family of products are solvent-based acrylic film-forming curing and sealing compounds.  Helix Cure and Seal SB produces a clear film that assists the cure of freshly placed concrete and helps protect surfaces from chalking, staining and dirt contamination. All Helix Cure and Seal SB versions meet ASTM C1315.

Cure and Seal 25 SB Family of Products:

  • Cure and Seal 25 SB

  • Cure and Seal 25 SBNY (Non-yellowing)

  • Cure and Seal 25 SB LVOC (Low VOC)

Cure and Seal 25 WB (Water-Based)

Helix Cure and Seal 25 WB, a ready-to-use, water-based acrylic emulsion, functions both as a membrane-curing compound that meets ASTM C 1315 standards and as a sealer for colored and uncolored concrete.  Helix Cure and Seal 25 WB forms a dust-proof concrete seal that also repels water and stains.

Color Wax

CSI Colorwax is a tinted water-based modified acrylic coating that works as both a curing membrane and as a long-lasting, durable and decorative finish to colored concrete surfaces. CSI Colorwax casts a flat, non-gloss finish. With its excellent adhesion properties and superior resistance to ultraviolet light—as well as resistance to acids, oils, mildew and alkalies.  Meets ASTM C-309.

Color Cure WB

CSI Color Cure WB is a ready-to-use tinted water based membrane curing compound and sealer designed to protect architectural colored concrete.  CSI Color Cure WB produces a uniform colored film that seals and dustproofs concrete and repels water and stains. It is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and will not yellow, haze or flake. CSI Color Cure WB complies with ASTM D-2047 and ASTM C309.