Overlays and Toppings

ChemSystems offers a wide range of cement and polymer based decorative and uncolored overlays and toppings for most any application.  These include thin colored microtoppigns, textured and stamped overlays, hand carved limestone overlay, sprayable deck coatings, Quartz aggregate toppings, vertical mixes for carving or rubbing and patching, as well as repair mortars for preparation.

MicroStone Spray System

MicroStone Spray System is an ultra-thin, architectural concrete topping consisting of a combination of liquid polymer and specially formulated powder mixtures that is spray applied in colorful layers providing a durable and slip resistant coating. MicroStone Spray System is sold as an easy to use kit.

MicroStone Spray System tenaciously bonds to virtually any substrate, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic and sheet rock. MicroStone is applied in layers—using a hopper gun, each producing different colors, each accenting and highlighting the previous color spray.

Microtopping HD (Heavy Duty)

CSI Microtopping HD is a polymer-modified, two component, cement-based universal coating that can be applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete, masonry, metal, wood and tile. It consists of a unique vinyl – acrylic polymer liquid that is mixed with a proprietary cement and aggregate blend. CSI Microtopping HD can be colored using a water based tint pack to achieve almost any color.

Helix Renovate (Cementious Paint)

Helix Renovate is a polymer modified, Portland cement based economical coating designed to recoat and enhance porous concrete, brick, tile or other hard surfaces. When applied to a properly prepared surface, Helix Renovate provides a thin durable and wear resistant decorative finish. Helix Renovate is a powder that is mixed with water to a thin viscous “paint like” consistency that is available in white or gray and can be colored using Helix Liquid Tint Packs using the CSI Standard Color guide. Helix Renovate can be applied by spray, roller, squeegee or brush producing a smooth to light texture finish.

Stampable Overlay

CSI Stampable Overlay is a one-component polymer-modified cementitious stampable overlay. When applied in conjunction with color, stains and sealers, CSI Stampable Overlay can produce a decorative paving finish similar to imprinted concrete. Typically applied at a 1/4 – to 5/8-inch thickness, CSI Stampable Overlay is for interior and exterior use. CSI Stampable Overlay can be utilized in new
construction and renovation. Most imprinting tools can be used with CSI Stampable Overlay.

Spray Deck

Spray Deck is a high strength polymer modified cement based overlay designed to be spray applied and knocked down providing a durable and colorful slip resistant architectural coating. Spray deck is available in a 1K just-add-water version, or a 2K liquid polymer version . It is available in a white and gray base, or can be colored to any of the existing 28 standard colors on site using tint packs. When applied to a properly prepared substrate, Spray Deck provides a long lasting topping that is cool under foot and easy to clean. It can be sealed with most Helix sealers, clear or tinted.

Repair Mortar

Helix Repair Mortar Regular Set is a two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious product intended for renovating qualified surfaces prior to the application of subsequent coatings or products. Helix Repair Mortar Regular Set is designed for applications requiring reduced substrate porosity, increased bond strength and reduced alkaline material transfer due to its high concentration of synthetic polymers and high-strength cements.


Quartzite is a one-component ready to use decorative polymer topping system. It provides a colorful and cost effective slip resistance wear surface in a limitless array of colors and textures. It is fast drying and suitable for both interior and exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Microtopping NT

CSI Microtopping NT is an ultra-thin, architectural concrete topping and can transform structurally sound substrates into colorful surfaces that have great architectural impact, while delivering exceptional abrasion resistance. CSI Microtopping NT creates surfaces with solid color, subtle variegation, marbleized hues and various textures.

Microtopping 1K

Microtopping 1K is a polymer-modified, one component, cement-based universal coating that can be applied over a variety of surfaces including concrete, masonry, prepared wood decks, and tile. It consists of a proprietary dry polymer, cement and aggregate blend. Microtopping 1K is applied in two or more coats by trowel, brush, roller, spray or squeegee to a typical thickness of 1/16” to 1/8 (16 mm to 20 mm). Designed for both exterior and interior use, Microtopping 1K provides a new Portland cement based surface to most concrete floor or wall systems.

Finishcrete – Rubbing Compound

CSI FinishCrete is a polymer modified Portland cement-based powder designed for repairing, finishing and/or smoothing concrete surfaces. When rubbed or troweled onto the surface of new or aged
concrete surfaces, CSI FinishCrete fills honeycombs, pinholes, voids and other surface imperfections to give a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface suitable for use as-is or for decorative finishing. CSI FinishCrete should not be used as a wear surface on floors.

Carvable Limestone – Stone Images

Stone Images Carveable Limestone Overlay is a unique one-component overlay that recreates the look and beauty of natural stone. The special blend of natural quarried crushed limestone, cement, polymer and other proprietary additives combine to make a product that is easy to trowel and texture.

Vertical Mix

Helix Vertical Mix is a polymer modified, cementitious wall render that can produce a decorative textured or hand carved finish on a number or surfaces. Helix Vertical Mix can be installed from ½ inch (1.27cm) to 2 ½ inch (6.35 cm) thickness and can be used for interior or exterior residential, commercial, municipal and industrial construction. Helix Vertical Mix is perfect for 3D carving applications for large custom rock features.

textured and colored concrete

Vertical Trowel Work