Primers and Waterproofing

ChemSystems manufactures primers and waterproofing systems to meet the needs of any decorative project.

Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof Membrane is a unique polymer emulsion waterproofing compound designed for use where waterproofing and crack isolation is required. It is recommended for use between bonded or un-bonded topping slabs where slab cracking and movement is a problem. It may be used beneath ceramic tile, marble, quarry tile, below grade, between slab and under composition floors and decks.

Epoxy Primer

Helix Epoxy Primer is a two component, water-based epoxy primer designed as an adhesion promoter between Helix polymer coatings, cement based overlays, and hard surface substrates. Helix Epoxy Primer acts as a thin build primer, at the same time penetrating the surface of the substrate to provide excellent adhesion.

Epoxy Bonder

Helix Epoxy Bonder is a two component water based epoxy primer and moisture barrier. It is an excellent adhesion promoter between Helix cement-based overlay toppings and hard surface substrates. Helix Epoxy Bonder forms an impermeable membrane that acts as a moisture barrier and provides crack suppression properties. It is a slow cure product (24 hours) and is designed to be surface seeded with 90 mesh sand for optimum adhesion properties with any cement based overlay.