Helix Antique Release Powder and Liquid Release allow stamping tools to produce a clean crisp imprint.  Powder Release produces a natural and realistic color highlight.  Clear liquid release allows for an uncolored surface imprint.  Both Powder Release and Liquid Release are suitable for use on concrete and stampable overlays.

Liquid Release

CSI Liquid Release is a clear, low volatility, slow drying and non-pigment method for releasing all types of texturing tools from the surface. Its low viscosity formula allows for a longer surface life, requiring less frequent re-application.

Release Powder

Release Powder is designed for use with imprinting tools and engineered
for use on all concrete surfaces that are to receive texture; including color
hardened concrete, intergral colored concrete, gray concrete and stampable
overlay. This product allows for the clean release of texturing tools from the
concrete surface, and at the same time, creates highlighting color (also called
an antiquing effect).