Stains, Dyes and Tints

ChemSystems offers a wide range of stain, tints and dye systems designed to fit both residential to commercial applications. These include reactive acid stains, solid color penetrating stains, translucent concrete dyes, and tints that transform any sealer or coating into a stain.


CSI CemTint is a permanent, penetrating, water-based staining compound designed to provide translucent, marbled hues and tones on gray and colored substrates. The finished color can appear similar to chemically stained surfaces.

Helix Acid Stain

Helix Acid Stain produces a rich and variegated finish unique to each surface.  Instead of covering up the concrete like a paint or coating, stains infuse color into the surface while also showcasing the character of the substrate. The translucent effects and the broad drifts in color—considered hallmarks of the stains—give surfaces the appearance of a timeworn finish.

Concrete Dye

CSI Concrete Dye is a combination of specialty formulated metal dye complexes concentrated in a LOW VOC water-based solution.  They are designed to be diluted in water, alcohol, or acetone. Since CSI Concrete Dye is a concentrate solution, not a dispersion, it is ready for immediate use without any dwell or reaction time like dye powder concentrates. When applied to prepared concrete, polished concrete or overlays, CSI Concrete Dye will provide intense, translucent color effects, similar to stains, without creating a film or coating that can be worn away. CSI Concrete Dye is available in 16 standard colors.

Helix ReStore Concrete Stain

Helix ReStore Concrete Stain is a three-part water-based epoxy stain that penetrates the surface of concrete, forming a breathable decorative finish. It is designed to color gray concrete, correct color issues with concrete, and recolor stamped and imprinted concrete.  It is available in solid and translucent versions.

Tint Concentrates – Water and Solvent Based

CSI Tint Concentrates are water or solvent-based liquid color concentrates.  They are made of the highest quality pigments, are UV stable, and allow for easy and quick dispersion into water or solvent-based products, as well as cement-based systems.

Tinted Penetrating Sealer

Tinted Penetrating Sealer is a colored modified acrylic emulsion designed to penetrate into the surface of concrete to form a translucent colored breathable barrier that reduces water migration, dusting, staining freeze-thaw damage and mildew growth. It is intended for use on either colored or uncolored, flat, embossed or precast concrete surfaces. This product is supplied as an environmentally friendly, VOC compliant, water-based system requiring no special storage or handling beyond freeze thaw protection.